Sustainable, 4 season climate controll and circulatory water management solutions

Comprehensive, personalised solutions

Oxyma's flexible, multi-seasonal climate control systems offer a sustainable solution to your cooling and ventilation challenges in three technology target areas, in industrial and commercial facilities, warehouses and office buildings

Hall conditioning

The technology of two-stage adiabatic cooling provides a revolutionary new solution in industrial air-cooling
Up to 80% energy savings
Drastically reduced CO2 emission
Water-efficient operation

Industrial humidification

Our innovative, direct sputtering humidifier system provides optimal humidity in any workspace
60% reduction in moisture
Reduced concentrations of dust and pollutants
Protection against the spread of viruses

Intelligent water management and recycling

Our self developed, compact water treatment system provides filtered, purified and de-germinated water for cooling systems.
Up to 40-60% reduction in water usage
Simple, cost-effective maintenance
Better hygiene

Modernised, HVAC retrofit

Apart from installation of new systems, our service also applies to modernisation of existing units. One of our important missions is the reduction of environmental impact, so we aim to be able to offer an cost-effective solution for all.
  • Complete survey of the technical condition of your system
  • Specialist advise on the steps of modernisation
  • Compilation of a technological practice with high ROI

Optimisation of process capability

Thanks to oxyma's coordinated, three-factor process capability optimisation, our systems are the perfect solution for employees and business owners alike.

EHS effect

  • Fewer accidents at work
  • Shorter downtime
  • Less sick pay
  • Less absence
  • Improved worker focus
  • Healthier and cleaner working environment
  • Less admin burden

Productivity indicators(KPIs)

  • efficiency improvement
  • less waste production
  • more process efficient production
  • improved final product quality
  • higher operational and production safety
  • less downtime and adjustment time

Communication and
social responsibility

  • Efficient and habitable factory
  • Less turnover
  • Improved employee satisfaction and reputation,
  • improved loyalty
  • Improved social acceptance
  • Improved supplier qualification (supplier audit)
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Environmental impact

  • reduced CO2 emissions
  • improved EHS score
  • lower electricity consumption
  • lower water consumption
  • resource optimisation

Economic benefits

  • improved financial standing and creditworthiness
  • local and national economic benefits
  • lower operating costs
  • higher profit generation

The Oxyma process

  1. Energetic audit
  1. Thermodynamic simulation
  1. Indicative quotation
  1. Financing consulting
  1. Engineering design
  1. Final quotation
  1. Pre-manufacture and assembly
  1. On-site installation
  1. Service and support
  1. Life cycle monitoring
  1. Energetic audit
During our energy audit, we examine in detail the internal and external temperature conditions of your hall, as well as the factors resulting from the site's geography and specific building characteristics. We then use the data collected to produce a thermal simulation.

Data collected during the audit
  • Internal heat load of the hall
  • External heat load of the hall
  • Geographical features
  1. Thermodynamic simulation
Hőtechnikai szimulációnk során pontos előrejelzést adunk a telepítendő megoldással elérhető eredményekről. Óránkénti bontásban rendelkezésre álló meteorológiai előzményadatok és az energetikai auditunk eredményeinek segítségével pontosan szimulálni tudjuk a beruházással elérhető klimatikus viszonyokat, így Ön előre láthatja a megtakarítás kWh-ban és forintban kifejezett mértékét.
  • Knowing the return data in advance
  • Knowing in advance the expected electricity and water consumption
  • Easy scalability (flexible budget planning) (rugalmas budget tervezés)
  1. Indicative quotation
Based on the energy audit and thermal simulation, we will prepare an indicative offer, including the required mechanical units, electrical accessories and installation equipment, as well as the cost of installation.
Our offer includes several system configurations, so you can choose the optimal package.
  • 10-15% accurate cost estimation
  • Select the optimal system configuration
  • Explore options and expansion possibilities
  1. Financing consulting
TAO reduction rescheduling
In the case of energy efficiency projects, a significant part of the corporate tax can be spent on the investment, for which an estimate is made depending on the size and location of the company.
Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (EEO)
The saved electricity (GJ) can be sold commercially and we can help you to monetise it.
CO2 quota
The CO2 saved (tonnes per year) can be traded and we will help you monetise it.
Leasing scheme
We can also help you to choose the optimal leasing scheme with the help of our expert financial advisors, with a calculation of the down payment and monthly fee.
For larger investments, we can also offer a savings-based long-term lease, which is a no-downpayment, monthly fee option for the long term.
  1. Engineering design
After the indicative offer has been accepted, we will prepare the mechanical, structural and electrical design with the help of our expert engineers, who are members of the trade association.
The complete construction plans purchased are the property of the partner, and we will credit you for the cost of these plans if you order the construction work.
  • Mechanical design
  • Structural design
  • Electrical plans
  1. Final quotation
Once the sectoral plans have been approved, we will refine our indicative offer on the basis of their content.
We tailor our quotation to your specific needs
  • A detailed technical offer, with a detailed explanation of the simulation, will be presented to you in person.
  • Your personal Oxyma advisor will be at your disposal for all technical and financial questions
  1. Pre-manufacture and assembly
On the basis of the sectoral documentation, once the order has been placed, the procurement of the necessary mechanical components, the production of the individual element and the pre-assembly will begin at Oxyma's workshop in the wheel arch house.

Mechanical engineering

  • Static release frame, Manufacture of customized air handling components and moulds, Surface treatment

Water treatment

  • Manufacture and installation of our own HydroBank® water management station
  • System testing (pressure test, function test)

Electrical switch cabinet / automation

  • Manufacture and pre-fitting of the cabinet, PLC programming and testing

Electrical switch cabinet / automation

  • AWI welder, universal lathe, laser plotter cutter, quality hand tools (DeWalt, Milwaukee)
  1. On-site installation
Our experienced, in-house team of contractors will carry out the installation of power wiring, water lines, roofing with professional sealing, integration, testing and fine-tuning of mechanical and electrical components.

High and low current installation

  • Installation of the necessary power supply from the designated power house, implementation of measuring points

Construction of water lines

  • We provide the water supply required for the operation of our systems from a central location using our proprietary HydroBank® water management station.

Roof breaching

  • With our experienced, expert colleagues, we take the precaution of both penetrating the roof and re-sealing and insulating it.
  1. Service and support
We are also available for spring commissioning, winterisation, ongoing scheduled - or ad hoc - maintenance, cleaning or repair parts supply for installed systems.
  • Rapid response
  • On-site support
  1. Life cycle monitoring
To ensure that the systems installed continue to work optimally in the long term and keep pace with changing needs, they require continuous monitoring and fine-tuning.
Our team ensures that systems are proactively monitored and preventively maintained, so you can be sure that your system is always in good working order.

High and low current installation

  • Remote access, ModBus communication, connection to local building management system (BMS)

Performance control

Capacity increase prediction

  • If the internal heat load in your hall increases with the installation of new machines, we can use the system to predict when additional cooling capacity is needed.

Our solutions in practice

  • Szorgalmas Gábor
    Gyárigazgató • Toyo Seat Europe
    At first I was very sceptical about the predicted high energy savings. Once the system was installed, I was able to test the performance and it proved to be above the usual expectations.
    Toyo Seat Europe Case study

The Oxyma effect

Our innovative climate-control solutions not only increase your competitiveness, you can also fully meet environmental requirements.
Energy savings
Worldwide patents
CO2 emission

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